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Reason for the Hope

  Amani* exhibits such a joy that people want to learn more about her. The way she lives her life is an endless answer to ... Continue Reading →

The Modern Day Saul to Pauls

Its easy for us to forget that Saul’s Damascus Road conversion (Acts 9) took place in a land which is today amidst deep civil war.  ... Continue Reading →

Ensuing Egyptian Protests

Early Wednesday morning, the Egyptian military moved to disburse the ongoing protests by the Muslim Brotherhood in Cairo Egypt. Muslim Brotherhood and other supporters of ... Continue Reading →

Daily Ramadan Prayer Highlight – Aug 8

New Believers: Over the month of Ramadan, many Muslims have begun following Jesus.  Pray for their discipleship. Pray for strength. Pray that they would be ... Continue Reading →

Daily Ramadan Prayer Highlight – Aug 7

New Work: Pray for new work.  IME continues to explore open doors in several countries where we are not already working. Pray that Men/Women of ... Continue Reading →